Landing Page Creation & Design

A MUST: Building An Effective Easter Landing Page On Your Web Site.

An integral part of this campaign is a page on your web site dedicated to sharing the details of your Easter services. This is a public-facing invite page that will be shared on social media. When you create this page, you now have a FULL URL link to share on your printed materials and social media properties.

The training we are including here is 100% useful and is the fastest way to show you best practices on building an Easter landing page on your web site.

By reviewing the below, you will also be learning “whys” and “hows” of ANY type of event promo page you’ll ever need to build. This is valuable knowledge for building event attendance.

  1. Navigate to Church Training Academy’s post and video tutorial here
  2. Watch the video FIRST (start at the 7 min 30 sec mark).
  3. Go through the entire blog post after that. Lots of good stuff there (and a free template!).
  4. In the video they mention something that has nothing to do with landing page but you will find useful. Get that here: 21-Point Easter Service Planning Checklist
  5. Scott’s How To Make Great Video training goes more in depth on how to create great video… which will go onto your Easter page!  (You can always add your video later, so for now, just create the page and then add your video.)
  6. If you need a web designer fast and cheap, we suggest finding one in the database at

Here's the Main Video to Get You Started