Landing Page Creation & Design

Creating your Easter web site page.

An integral part of this campaign is a page on your web site dedicated to sharing the details of your Easter services. This is a public-facing invite page that will be shared on social media. When you create this page, you now have a FULL URL link to share on your printed materials and social media properties.

You have TWO OPTIONS: 

OPTION ONE: Do It Yourself

Here are the guidelines suggested as best practice:

  • Include a headline on the page in the form of a question.
    • Example: Could This Be Your New Beginning This Easter?
  • Add a sub-headline.
    • Example: Join Us at Calvary Baptist, Anytown for An Easter To Remember.
  • Fill in the details. Times, location, childcare? Anything else?
  • Ideally, shoot a short video with a camera or smartphone of the pastor issuing the invitation.
    • Need guidance? Refer to this page about recording a video for Facebook. The bottom video and tips will be very helpful.
OPTION TWO: Done For You (FREE!)

We will create a custom landing page we’ve designed for you!

Your new landing page will have cutting-edge design, be mobile-friendly and offer a professional layout for best results.

How does this work?
  1. Simply select from the options below, keeping in mind your church and target market. Essentially the same message, each will speak better to certain ethnicities.  We have tried to create broad options for you to decide which will suit your community best.
  2. (OPTIONAL but recommended) Create your landing page “pastor invite” video. (See sample and guidelines.)
  3. Remember your choice, then fill out the form at the link below with your church information.
  4. We will create for you a page containing all your data and we will email you the link.
  5. The link to your new page will be the link you will share on social media and in other publication! 

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